PC - Laptops

Laptops we offer are unique concerning their high-end features, extensive warranty period and above all, the competitive prices in which they reach your hand.

Being a leading supplier of IT related products in the UAE, we can provide you an array of laptop devices from world-class brands at the most reasonable prices in the marketplace. Technology can bring you great successes, but it’s also important that you have an experienced technology partner; Our laptop product range will show you a proper specimen to decide on who you should choose as a technology associate.

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PC - Desktops

Personal Computers rode the initial waves of IT revolution across the world, and they still have the upper hand in the communication business.

EBSAR offers an exclusive variety of fully integrated and customized computer devices and accessories from prominent brands in the world. Make your choice from the comprehensive list of products to experience an unmatched technology experience of perfection, precision, and personalization.

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Printers are getting more innovative and economical than it was in the early days of digital printing boom.

If you’re looking for state-of-the-art printers, ranging from small office printers to large-scale digital printing solutions, EBSAR trading got all the bases covered to provide you the most competitive printers you require. As a distinguished wholesaler in IT products in the UAE, we can give you the best guarantee/ warranty services for each brand’s printers you purchase from us.

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Do diverse tasks flawlessly with a competent and performance-guaranteed Tablets on offer at EBSAR.

In association with global brands, we offer a wide array of tablets of outstanding capabilities and guarantees. They come in various configurations and memory capacities to fulfill your needs, whether it be for gaming, educational or professional purposes. So, get enlightened and entertained with our tablet devices.

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Mobile Phones

Smartphones have revolutionized the entire aspects of the communication process, which has even changed the way we share our innermost thoughts and feeling.

Perhaps the introduction of mobile phones could be recorded in the history annals as one of the most ground-breaking phenomena in the 21st century. Human culture, society, and fashion trends have all undergone radical transitions due to the mind-blowing developments in cell phones. EBSAR takes pride in being an early adopter in the mobile phone business in the UAE and thus playing an important role in the country's communication scenario.

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USB Flash Drives

Despite their size, USB flash drives have been our inseparable associate in carrying a great deal of data.

Nowadays, they have become more powerful and cheaper, so that you can hold more data in them than the PCs or large computers of earlier days. Leveraging our long-standing relationships with industry leaders in thumb drive manufacturing, we can offer you attractive prices for bulk purchase of USB flash drives.

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Modern Technology have compressed countless information and data into incredibly smaller spaces with portable and ever-growing memory sticks.

And they’ve become an inevitable part of our daily communication and storage requirements. Our flashcards, composed of advanced technology and durable components, turn out to be the guaranteed and reliable carriers of all your data wherever you go.

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External Hard Drives

It’s the era of information overflow, and the need for exchanging massive amount of data is more significant than any other time in human history.

Hence, the demand for premium quality, long lasting and highly protected hard disks are so high nowadays. EBSAR meets this market requirement with a multitude of hard drives from premium brands. With our long-term association with these brands, we can make top-class hard drives available at the most affordable price in the UAE market.

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Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives is probably one of the latest innovations in technological storage devices.

They are highly capable and more reliable than regular hard disk drives. Though they are expensive, they're highly recommended by experts for optimum performance and durability to keep your data safe. At EBSAR, you’ll get the most powerful and feature-rich SSD devices from renowned brands in the world.

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Digital Cameras

If you're concerned about the quality and durability of your digital cameras, EBSAR has got the best devices in store for you.

As for digital cameras, you can find plenty of brands in the UAE market, but many of them are far below the accepted quality standards or perhaps some ridiculous imitations of well-known brands. In our exclusive inventory which contains only world-class digital camera brands, you’ll never fail to come across the right one you’re searching for.

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Power Banks

Power banks are essential gadgets in our life as we’re always on the move, taking many electronic devices with us.

Having substantial power bank capacity is a given whenever you run out of battery life on your mobiles, tablets and even laptops. The power banks we offer is distinctive in many ways concerning their durability and guaranteed performance over an extended period.

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