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EBSAR Trading is an UAE-based firm dedicated to providing an extensive range of top-notch products and services to global market. The company was formed as an integral part of a prominent business entity in the UAE EBSAR Group, which also manages two other separate business entities: an advertising and digital marketing firm called EBSAR Advertising & Publishing, and a competitive hosting service provider called BakeHost.com.

We primarily deal with the Information Technology sector by sourcing and distributing world-class products at highly affordable prices to over 50 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and CIS countries. We possess more than 20 years of experience in general trading business in the UAE. And this unparalleled local and International expertise is the stimulus for us to enter into thriving new business domains shortly, such as hospitality, fitness, restaurant, luxury products, to name but a few. Our endeavors are to achieve excellence in the products we distribute and facilitate a conducive business environment with customer-centric services.


To establish a distinguished status in the UAE’s general trading business with a wide range of high-quality products and incomparable after-sale service.


Setting an exemplary standard in business process and principles, by expanding our product line, service capabilities and customer reach.

CEO’s Message

I am so happy to welcome you to EBSAR General Trading LLC.

When we entered IT trading business 20 years ago, the industry was in the nascent stages of a phenomenal growth that was about to be unveiled in the United Arab Emirates.

While looking back, we realize the transformation in the cyber technology scenario over the years have been beyond our imagination. Likewise, we also witnessed the rise of the UAE as a leading player in the IT industry in the region during this period. In this epoch-making setting, what made our services successful is our swiftness to embrace the challenges of time, and the determination to internalize a culture of innovation.

Partnering with global IT brands and associated networks, we currently offer our products and services over 50 countries in the Middle East, Africa and CIS countries. We believe this is an outcome of our perseverance for excellence and consistency in delivering on our promises.

I’d like to acknowledge my debt to all those who have supported EBSAR to gain this esteemed status. We still cherish the spirit and passion we had when we started out, and we are always here to make the difference you wish to achieve with the help of modern IT services.

Thank You,
Mohammed Al Sabsabi

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